Monday, November 26, 2007

Baby Madison...

Here is a picture of my new niece Madison! This is one of the first baby pictures that I have been taking so I still need a lot of improvement! This one turned out alright I thought...hope you like it!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Six things you never knew...hehe!

1. I have a BRACELET that I wear pretty much 24/7. It's just a little leather bracelet that says my name on it that I got from Disneyland. I don't know what it is but I just can't seem to take it off!! It will be a sad day in my life when I lose it!!!

2. Whenever I get ready in the morning I have to do my makeup before I do my hair because if I don't I feel like I have a bad hair day if I don't. Haha...I know I'm weird!

3. I'm obsessed with the color BROWN!!! It's my most favorite color of all time!! I just love it! Brown with any color is my my favorite color....I love love love it!! Lets just say brown is the primary color of my clothes in my closet!!

4. I secretly want someday for the whole world to turn into a MUSICAL and everyone know the same dance and song! It doesn't matter where I am at the grocery store, in the library at school, or at my work! I think it would be the greatest thing to ever happen don't you?

5. I'm still secretly afraid of the DARK. Yeah I know I'm almost 19 years old...but I'm slowly getting over it! I think I've almost conquered this fear of mine!

6. I know this is weird but I already know what I want my WEDDING to look like! I'm not even dating anyone and I have known what I want it to look like for a long time! Of course one of my colors is going to be brown! I want a ring w/ a square diamond with little diamonds around it (kinda antique looking), I want a square cake with three layers, and I want it to look really modern with the big round paper lanterns hanging everywhere! Haha...once again I'm really weird!!!

-Well...there you go! Hope you learned a few weird things about me! I'm not going to forward this to anyone because everyone that I know w/ blogs already has this. But if you want to do it feel free!!!